NEW! Physio-Fit Classes

Introducing our latest project – affordable, evidence-based and effective classes designed to improve fitness for people of a wide range of levels.

Are you…

  • Looking to reduce your pain?

  • Aiming to improve or maintain your mobility, fitness and balance?

  • Wanting to prepare or recover from a surgery?

  • Someone who has been recommended to start exercising by your doctor, but don't know where to start?


If the answer is yes to any of the above, then Azzurro’s Physio-Fit sessions were made for you!


Why we do things differently at Azzurro

  • Small, intimate classes of varying levels.

  • Fully equipped private studio located in Bourne End… no more of the noise or crowds of a commercial gym

  • Our Chartered Physiotherapists are experts in exercise prescription – so all classes and stations are carefully selected and tailored to meet your personal goals and ability.

  • You can come to the class that best suits your ability, and progress if you want more of a challenge!



The nitty gritty details

  • Classes available to all those aged 50+

  • Weekly sessions take place at varying times (see timetable below). Inquire to see availability and which class would be best suited to your needs. Limited spaces available! We can also add times and classes subject to interest.

  • Physiotherapist led classes made up of strength, fitness and Pilates based exercises to give you a complete and targeted workout, specific to your needs.

  • Just £10 pay as you go. Bring a friend who hasn’t been before, and you’ll get a free session!


Looking for a private session?

If you’d like to join an even smaller class or have a 1 to 1, we can help with that too! We also run smaller sessions for you and up to 2 other friends. These sessions can be either 30 or 60 minutes. Please note the prices of these sessions do vary. We can help give those with reduced confidence get back to the things they love. Get in touch to find out more info. 


We’d love to see you become one of our many success stories. Contact Matthew (our lead Physiotherapist) for info & bookings:

Call 01628 290 491 or email

Limited spaces available, book now!

Chartered Physiotherapist

Monday 7-8pm

Our Level 3 class- for those who play high contact sport casually and are looking to reduce the chance of Injury, or working on current pain or injuries whilst improving strength and fitness. A bootcamp type class

Wednesday 7-8pm

Our Level 4 class is currently our highest level class. For regular runners, or those who play high impact sport looking to improve their strength and fitness, whilst reducing your chance of injuries. A high intensity, bootcamp style class.

Friday 3-4pm

Our Level 2 class- For those looking to improve balance, strength and fend off the changes that occur as we get older. Stay strong and independent, or get back into exercise. Run like a circuit class.

Friday 4-5pm

Our Level 1 class - For those who are looking to maintain independence, reduce their chance of falls and fight against the effects of osteoporosis. Must be able to walk independently without an aid. Please enquire about our sessions designed for those of lower levels.