The Pain-to-Performance Programme

We were super excited to launch our 'Pain-to-Performance Programme in June 2019 after the enormous success of our trial case study.

The word performance means different things to different people. To some, it is to return to or continue playing sport. For many others, it is simply to improve quality of life and return to or continue to do the activities they enjoy (gardening, playing with grandchildren, walking in the Buckinghamshire countryside, etc.) Our Pain-to-Performance Programme helps people do just these things.

We are looking for specific people who have lost their way with their health and fitness. We are so confident we can help, we even offer a money-back guarantee on your first month in the programme!

So if you are...

  1. Aged 21+

  2. Feeling your fitness/health has declined either recently or over a longer period.

  3. Fed up of living within yourself for fear of pain or lack of self-confidence.

  4. Looking for long term and LASTING improvements to quality of life

  5. COMMITTED to getting back to the activities you enjoy with less pain whilst improving your overall health and fitness

  6. Are friendly and willing to learn

  7. Happy with the idea of kick-starting this process in a local private studio in Bourne End

  8. Ready to get started ASAP (new programme launching next week!)

If interested, please note who this programme is NOT suitable for

  1. Those who make excuses

  2. Those not willing to take ownership of their problems

  3. People who are expecting miracle quick-fixes


If this sounds like you I’d be delighted to talk to you about how we can help. There is never any pressure in my assessments/calls… My goal is to figure out where you need help, and point you in the right direction. Simply click the link below and we can schedule a no-obligation chat over the phone.


We are currently offering a 50% off physiotherapy assessment and consultation for the programme.

P2P Cover sheet.png

Not ready to commit just yet? No problem! I have put together a completely free guide which covers the 5 key concepts to improving pain and performance. Give them a read, apply them …and repeat! It’s rarely a quick fix but it is possible for those who follow the steps I’ve laid out in the guide and are determined to succeed.

Click the ‘free guide’ link below and send me an email with the subject ''Free Pain to Performance Guide' and I'll send it across so you can get started right away!

Still not sure? Check out what our graduates from the programme have been saying. >Click here

If you need anything else, please email me at


I hope to hear from you soon!



Matthew Anstey


Director, Chartered Physiotherapist and proud creator of the Pain-to Performance Programme